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Kess and Del are getting ready for their upcoming talk at the BVN headquarters on October 7th*, and they need your help!

BVN is highly motivated to provide pertinent and detailed information about promoting your blog and vlog sites.  To make this discussion exceedingly valuable, we are asking you to submit questions that pertain specifically to your marketing needs.  Kess and Del will use their many years of success (and their memories of a few mistakes) to provide you with the best possible guidance and advice.  If they don’t know the answer, they are going to do a little research to provide valuable answers.


Kess Crystal, one of the founders of BVN, has been blogging in Second Life for three years, and has provided marketing and public relations management to some of the largest and most successful brands and events on the grid.

Delicate Flower is a co-owner of BVN and of Seraphim, the largest sales and events blog on in Second Life. With five years promotion and marketing experience, Del has worked alongside all of your favorite events and designers.

*This is not a duplicate presentation.  The original was rescheduled due to inclement weather resulting from Hurricane Irma.  Thank you for your patience!


Author: Delicate Flower

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