Join us for the first in our series of live discussions with like-minded bloggers and vloggers, taking place every-other week at the BVN headquarters. This week’s discussion will be about crediting blog posts. How much is enough? Should everything be credited? Is there a science behind creating credits? All bloggers and vloggers are welcome to join us for what is sure to be a lively and informative discussion.

Group discussions are designed as a forum for bloggers and vloggers to share personal thoughts and opinions about topics pertinent to the community. Chats are conducted in a typed format in local chat to encourage participation. Please be sure to review the guidelines for group discussions at the BVN headquarters to help streamline communication.

To join the group, copy and paste the information below into your SL chat window, then look at chat history and click the link.  The BVN group is completely free to join!


Author: Delicate Flower

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