OPPORTUNITY – American Bazaar – Expires April 30th

American Bazaar

Applications Close

  • April 30

Blogger Requirements

  • 1) All bloggers are required to be syndicated in a minimum of 3 feeds
    2) All bloggers are required to have been actively blogging for a minimum of 3 months
    3) All bloggers are required to blog a minimum of 3 times per month (This does not mean 3 items in 1 post, 3 seperate posts are required.) This is MANDATORY.*If less than 3 items are sent for a particular month your minimum requirement will reflect this.
    4) All bloggers are required to join the AB flickR group and share their blog posts here. This is MANDATORY. It is also recommended to do the same for the AB facebook page/group but is NOT mandatory. (Links can be found on the F.A.Q page)
    5) All bloggers must produce high quality pictures, clearly linked to the mainstore and/or event that the item of clothing is for and have the mainstore linked on your blog under sponsors.
    6) All bloggers must submit their posts on the bloggers form before the dealine. This is MANDATORY. You can submit your report via the button further down.
    7) All FlickR posts must be tagged to Missqwerty Pevensey


  • TaylaLouise Resident


Designers and events looking for bloggers and/or vloggers must fill out the form found HERE to be included in this list.

Author: Anabelle Marquis

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