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are looking for

Bloggers & Vloggers




Antisocial do a mixture of mesh clothing, Applier clothing, tattoos and makeups for just about every look and need. We’re always looking into creating new items because fashion is always evolving.

* Good photo quality
* Must be active (blog at least 2 time a week)
* Must Have A Flickr, if you have a Pinterest & Imgur accounts that would help also
* Please tell us what Social Media You Use
* We DO NOT Send Only one color for a blogger (hence group) Please DON’T ask, it will be ignored.
* Must blog 1/2 the releases provided within a 30 day period, extra is always appreciated (if no releases, request older items from inwolrd Store & Marketplaces to blog)
* Blog older than 30 days
* Must have at least 1 group space available.
* Must put our logo on your blogroll (please do add us into your picks with our logo, not your photos and tab writings, our photo and information), This helps people locate us.
* We also ask you to link us, tag & Follow us on social media (including Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Imgur & If you have a Plurk). You can post on OUR timeline too!
* If your chosen we will contact you ASAP.
* Send a notecard with your blogger report to us weekly.
* If you don’t hear from us please try again it may mean we reached our desired limit.
* Questions, just send us a notecard and we will be in touch.


they currently do not have a flickr

Apply with Blogotex, located in the store HERE




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