OPPORTUNITY – anyBODY – Expires Jan. 4th



Applications Close

    • Jan. 4th


  • Monthly Timeline:
    Missing any deadline without prior communication with the manager will result in being ejected from the event.

    Designer set up starts

    Deadline to set up by 7pm SLT
    Deadline for bloggers to publish 1 post

    anyBODY is OPEN at 8am SLT

    Rentals open for the next round

    Last day for bloggers to submit posts to FlickR
    Deadline for bloggers to submit the online report

    anyBODY closes at 8am SLT
    anyBODY – The Rules – JANUARY 2018
    It’s mandatory to read the rules before applying for anyBODY!
    Event Managers – NaughtyPrincess Milneaux (designers) and Harlotry Resident (bloggers)
    BLOGGER Rules:​
    anyBODY opens the 7th @ 8AM SLT – 30th @ 8AM SLT
    This event is for women only. No male bloggers will be accepted.
    Only bloggers with good quality pictures will be accepted.
    Must have a minimum of 1,000 Flickr followers.
    Must have a minimum of 4,500 blog hits.
    No blog with AUTO-PLAY music/video will be accepted.
    It’s mandatory to be in the anyBODY team group. All information will go through here.
    All blogger related pictures MUST be posted in the anyBODY Flickr group & include a DIRECT blog post link. Bloggers with no Flickr account cannot be accepted.
    Bloggers MUST publish a minimum of 4 posts per round, no exceptions.
    Bloggers MUST publish 1 post by the 6th of the month and 3 more posts before the 29th of the month.
    Bloggers must complete the bloggers report by the last day of each round.
    Do not contact us. We will contact you ONLY if you are accepted.


    • Harlotry Resident


    Designers and events looking for bloggers and/or vloggers must fill out the form found HERE to be included in this list.

Author: Anabelle Marquis

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