OPPORTUNITY – Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Expires Oct. 18th

Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Applications Close

    • Oct. 15th


  • Hello Second Life bloggers, our apps are open! We are looking for colorful, talented, diverse bloggers from every genre of sl! We are not just looking for elves and orcs, we love urban and trendy bloggers also. Check out the link below for more info! Also I would love to introduce hopathia shinobu as our new FGC Blogger manager! We will be announcing the chosen bloggers on Oct. 18th
    Good luck <3 By completing this application you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Blog must be at least 5 months old and have over 6k views. Blog must have been active for the past 3 months, I will not be accepting blogs that are inactive until fgc time. We need blogs with good traffic.. Blogging is advertising! Blog must have GOOD quality photos, clear, well-edited photos displaying the items you are advertising. Blog must have clickable links/slurls/marketplace in the post's details Blogger must agree to blog AT LEAST 3 posts, You must use AT LEAST three brand’s items each in of your posts. Blogger must link back to the website and the LM to the event once it opens. Once accepted Blogger will be added to the event website: http://thefantasygachacar.wix.com/fgcsl Blogger will post photos on the FGC photo pool on flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2513881@N22/ - We follow our bloggers very closely, failure to meet the requirements will result in removal from the FGC blogger group, in which applicant would have reapply for future events. - We love edited and artsy pictures, we only ask that you do not over edit our products, because we feel like its an unfair depiction to customers.


Author: Anabelle Marquis

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