OPPORTUNITY – Mermaid Cove – Expires[Approx]May 1st

Mermaid Cove


Applications Close

    • [Approx]May 1st



  • Mermaid Cove starts July 23rd at 8AM SLT.

  • Mermaid Cove ends August 13th at 8AM SLT.

  • Women bloggers are invited to apply.

  • Only bloggers with good quality pictures will be accepted.

  • Must have a minimum of 1,000 Flickr followers.

  • Must have a minimum of 4,500 blog hits.

  • No blog with AUTO-PLAY music/video will be accepted.

  • It’s mandatory to be in Mermaid Cove team group. All information will go through here.

  • All blogger related pictures MUST be posted in Mermaid Cove Flickr group & include a direct blog post link. Bloggers with no Flickr account cannot be accepted.

  • Each blogger has to publish at least one (1) post BEFORE the event starts.

  • Each blogger has to publish at least four (4) more posts BEFORE August 10th.

  • Bloggers MUST publish a minimum of 5 posts for the event, no exceptions.

  • Bloggers MUST blog 50% of the sponsors (included in the 5 posts). Do not contact the sponsors directly if they didn’t send their items.

  • Bloggers must complete the bloggers report by the last day of the event.

  • Do not contact us. We will contact you ONLY if you are accepted.


Designers and events looking for bloggers and/or vloggers must fill out the form found HERE to be included in this list.

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