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Applications Close

    • Dec 31st


> Discord – This is our main way of keeping in touch with each other, so you will need to sign in daily.

> Free Time – If you are already up to your eyeballs with things to do in SL and RL, you won’t have time for this.

> Attention to Detail – For lack of a better choice of words, we are anal when it comes to formatting notes and posts, and we fully expect you to be, too. If you do not like to be corrected or if you prefer to take the easy way, you will not enjoy this work.

> Desire to Learn – No matter how often you read Seraphim or how long you’ve been a blogger, you will not know how to do this without being trained. (This is nothing like fashion blogging.) You also can’t be afraid to ask questions – you are encouraged to do so – or come to us if you have an issue.

> Going the Extra Mile – Taking the initiative, finding a way to solve a problem, and doing all that you can to give your absolute best is desired.

> Teamwork – Without the work of many, Seraphim would not exist. We all work together to make sure it all gets done, and are more than happy to give assistance if needed and when we can, but we each must also pull our own weight.

> Positive Attitude – We’re not here to criticize and judge, and we have a strict no-drama policy on the blog and amongst ourselves, so if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it. A positive attitude works wonders.) So do cookies. Always snickerdoodles.

> Honesty and Integrity – At Seraphim we don’t lie about who we are, to our readers or to each other. We want to know the real you, not some made up version. And if you become a part of our team and can’t cover an event, don’t make up lies and excuses to get out of it, or even worse, after you’ve already missed covering the event. Even if you just don’t feel like doing it this round, we’d MUCH rather hear that and be able to get other coverage then later hear some “dog ate my homework; I think you’re dumb enough to believe this” bull.

> And above all this, you must be RESPONSIBLE, DEPENDABLE and DEDICATED! If you can’t do what you commit to doing, if you aren’t willing to ask for help if you are unable to keep your commitment, and if you don’t truly love Seraphim and doing something for the greater good,, then you will not be a good addition to our team. A LOT of people count on us – shoppers, designers, event organizers – and we detest letting them down!

If you don’t meet ALL of the requirements above, or if you’re already thinking “Uh oh, this might not be for me,” then please don’t waste your time and ours It takes AT LEAST 6 hours to train you and that is time we don’t have to give away easily.

However, if you DO meet all these things and feel that you have a lot to offer to this team and to the SL community as a whole, then by all means, please apply! We’d LOVE to hear from you!


    • SeraphimSL Resident


    Designers and events looking for bloggers and/or vloggers must fill out the form found HERE to be included in this list.

Author: Kess Crystal

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