OPPORTUNITY – Zombie Suicide – Expires Oct 23rd

Zombie Suicide


Applications Close

      • Oct 23rd


  • Items need to be seen clearly in your post. Clear, precise close up photos of items, you are blogging.
  • We do not have a limit on what needs to be blogged every month but after 30 days if you have not blogged you will be suspended.
  • Blog an item Within 7 days after taking it. If you do not blog it in those 7 days you will be suspended. You can have 2 items at a time.
  • When blogging you must have links to events and the store in each post. If no event then at least the store. (always include LMs and dates).
  • Please be able to blog older items (if no events are going on)
  • Please be able to link items in your blog posts
  • Please have a good Flickr following and views.
  • Please be active on social media channels (its important to us that you are active on other channels promoting Zombie Suicide)
  • We are looking for diversity in bloggers, not just one type we accept all races, and types.


    • Polynesia Resident or Isis Zamin


    Designers and events looking for bloggers and/or vloggers must fill out the form found HERE to be included in this list.

Author: Matt

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